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Ventilation and Occupational Environment Engineering in Mines

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Edited by Prof. J.J.L. du Plessis, 3rd Edition Revised and Expanded, 2014

The new title Ventilation and Occupational Environment Engineering in Mines reflect the increasing scope of the mine ventilation engineer.

It is a comprehensive compendium of specialised knowledge covering all aspects of ventilation theory and practice from an elementary to an advanced level, covering all types of mining.

This revised, updated and expanded edition includes long awaited updates and latest developments in technical knowledge relating to mine ventilation.

A new chapter is added on occupational environment engineering, covering areas such as noise control engineering and airborne particulate sampling and control.

This book is a comprehensive reference source for ventilation professionals in dealing with challenges at the coalface.

It continues to be a valuable source of information to students in acquiring an advanced level of knowledge in the science of mine ventilation.

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