Here are the steps to make a purchase:

1. Please select the “Member Purchases” if you are a member (a member in good standing and eligible for discounts) or the “Non Member Purchases” if you are not a member.

2. In the category, select a product to “Add to Purchases“.

3. When the “Add to Purchases” is clicked, a “” will appear, indicating that the item has been added to your purchases.

4. You may continue to shop or Purchase Items will be shown when “View Purchases” button is clicked.

5. When you are satisfied with your purchases and quantity of items, click the “Proceed to Payment” to fill in your details. If you are already a member some of these fields will contain your details.

6. At the bottom of this screen there will be payment options to select. Select the one you prefer.

7. When the terms and conditions is checked and you “Place your order”, the order details will appear.

8. P.S. You will also see during the ordering process your Purchases are always available on the right hand side of any page.