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Mine Refrigeration – Machinery and Performance Assessment


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Mine Refrigeration: Machinery and Performance Assessment follows on from the publication titled Ventilation and Occupational Environment Engineering in Mines 3rd edition in 2014. In this new publication from the Mine Ventilation Society of South Africa extensive mine refrigeration practices are addressed.

The book deals with refrigeration theory, refrigerating machinery and air-water heat-exchangers on mines. Mine refrigerating machinery is generally large and complex and this book offers a full treatment of many different types and configurations of machinery as well as using the theory to allow for performance evaluation supported with actual industry examples.

It embodies technical knowledge developed and accumulated over many decades in a variety of mine cooling and refrigeration systems. The book is aimed at assisting students, subject matter experts and engineering professionals of today and the future in the field of large refrigeration installations, their operation and evaluation. All aspects of mine refrigeration systems are covered, seeking to improve levels of knowledge in this challenging and specialised field of engineering.

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