SAIOH Free to attend Webinar The use of Ventilation to control the spread of COVID-19, 04 Sep 2020

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Dear SAIOH member

Indoor ventilation is an important consideration regarding viral transmission, if correctly applied it can reduce spread. Conversely, poor ventilation promotes viral transmission. The odds of transmission in a Japanese study show that COVID-19 spread was 18-fold higher in an enclosed environment than in an outdoor environment.  This webinar will provide clear guidance on ventilation and CO2 standards which can be applied during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Presenter is Garth Hunter, he is the SAIOH representative on the IOHA Board and NAR Committee, a member of the PCC Exco, a Government appointment on the TC7 of the Department of Employment and Labour, and he is also  a member of the provincial KZN Occupational Health Task Team for COVID-19.  The work presented on ventilation represents a joint initiative between Garth and Dr Greg Kew, who will also be joined by Sean Chester during the Q&A.


Webinar: The use of Ventilation to control the spread of COVID-19

Friday 04 September 2020  at 10:00