About Howden

With more than 160 years in existence, Howden is a leading global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products, technologies and services, including human capital. We combine our technologies and worldwide engineering expertise to design and deliver solutions and services that optimise our customers’ air and gas handling processes.

We support multiple verticals including oil & gas, wastewater, mining, tunnel and metro, hydrogen and thermal renewables. Our vastly experienced professional engineers enable our customers’ vital processes, which advance a more sustainable world. Our products, solutions and services are key ingredients that enable their vital processes. Near all of what we do contributes positively to a more sustainable world either through increased energy efficiency, reduced emissions or the enablement of new technology. What we do drives efficiency and sustainability.

In Africa, headquartered in Johannesburg, we offer a complete turnkey engineering, manufacturing, installation and plant commissioning service. From our other centres in Middelburg, Sasolburg and through qualified agents in the rest of Africa, we are able to offer 24/7 aftermarket services and support, which include maintenance, plant upgrades and optimisation.

The engineered systems we supply include fans and airheaters for power plants; and fans, refrigeration plant and dust scrubbers used in mining. Howden’s gas cleaning equipment removes ash and other contaminants from power and industrial plant flu gas emissions, and we provide furnaces and incinerators for several industrial applications. Our standard fans are integral to central air conditioning systems and industrial processes such as cement manufacturing.



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