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GFG (Pty) Ltd is an acknowledged major world player in the development and sales of personal gas detection instrumentation and fixed gas detection systems. While many other companies regard gas detection as a subdivision of a larger instrumentation portfolio, GFG maintains that gas detection is a demanding science and avoids diversification.

Detectors capable of accurately sensing and measuring low concentrations of gases must, by definition, be sensitive, accurate, easy to calibrate, non-clogging, easy to interpret and affordable. These are almost contradictory specifications, especially in the field of handheld safety devices, but through our products and services GFG strives to ensure that workers in adverse industries are safe from hazardous and toxic gases no matter where they are working.

With our wide range of portable and fixed gas detection system and our dedication to being at the forefront of innovation gas detection solutions, GfG is your committed partner in safety.

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