Bluhm Burton Engineering Pty Ltd (BBE)

Bluhm Burton Engineering Pty Ltd (BBE) is a team of highly specialised and experienced consulting engineers focused on mine ventilation, refrigeration and cooling.


About BBE

BBE’s capabilities and experience covers a wide range of activities in the field of ventilation, refrigeration, heating, cooling and energy management. BBE’s capabilities range from conceptual design and modelling to detailed engineering, project execution and commissioning.  BBE has built an international reputation since its inception in 1989.

The team comprises ventilation, refrigeration and thermo-flow engineers specializing in design, installation and operation of all elements of mine ventilation, refrigeration, heating and cooling systems. BBE’s total staff complement is 90 of which some 80% are specialised professionals (generally with multiple degrees).

The back-up support team includes administrators and design draftsmen (design drawing office has eight experienced individuals). BBE’s professionals are made up of mechanical engineers, mining engineers, chemical (process) engineers, electrical/electronic engineers and civil/structural engineers.  Many of BBE’s top professionals have more than 30 years individual experience at a high level in this specific field.

BBE engineers have published hundreds of technical and scientific papers and authored and co-authored standard text books - these have attracted a variety of awards for engineering and scientific achievement.


BBE Consulting (Johannesburg Office, South Africa)

24 Sloane Street
Bryanston Ext.34
South Africa

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