The following are the elected Office Bearers of the Society for the year 2017/2018

President Mr JJ Dekker
Immediate Past President Mr WN Roman
Vice President Mr MI van der Bank
Jnr. Vice President Mr MR Motlhamme
Hon Treasurer Mr A van der Linde
Hon Editor Prof JJL du Plessis
Hon. Chairman Training & Education Mr MG Beukes

Branch Chairman are ex officio members of the Council.

The persons listed on the attached ballot paper have accepted nomination to serve on Council. Members in good standing are entitled to vote for not more than seven of these members.

The second last column in the Ballot Paper gives the attendance at meetings of Council (where applicable) since the previous Annual General Meeting.

Voting can be exercised in one of three ways, but each eligible member may vote only once:

  1. Voting via the MVSSA web site.

Go to the MVSSA web site (

  • Log in with your username and password (if unknown, click on “Lost Password” for a new username and password).
  • Go to the “Members Area / Elections”.
  • Read the instructions and vote by ticking your preferred candidates (maximum of seven).
  • You will be notified by e-mail that your vote has been registered.
  1. Voting via the e-mail system.
    • Open the attached Ballot Paper below.
    • Type an “X” against the names of the candidates of your choice.
    • Save the Ballot Paper with your changes in PDF format and return the same by attaching your changed Ballot Paper and replying to this mail (
  2. Voting by hard copy of the Ballot Paper.
    • Open the attached Ballot Paper and print a hard copy of it.
    • Place an “X” against the names of the candidates of your choice.
    • Place your Ballot in an envelope with no markings on it, then place that envelope in another envelope which is marked with your name.
    • Deliver or post these to the MVSSA office.

In the case of electronic voting (1 and 2 above), your e-mail address on record at the MVSSA will be referenced to authenticate and validate your Ballot. More than one ballot submitted from the same address will disqualify all ballots from that address.

Note that voting must be exercised by either one of the above methods to reach the MVSSA Office by no later than 12h00 on 8th June 2017.

Click Here to Download the Ballot Paper